Dr Cathy Fitzgerald

Educator | Artist | Researcher

Cathy Fitzgerald (PhD by Creative Practice) is a successful eco-social artist-researcher and recovering scientist. This makes her uniquely placed to guide other creative people toward the most urgent topic in contemporary art today – how can we effectively employ creativity to inspire societal change in our audiences for the better world we know is possible. Learn with Cathy to understand why ecoliteracy can help you navigate confusing environmental science so you too can employ creativity confidently to respond to the eco-social issues that matter to you. By the end of the course, you will have deep insight as to what knowledge, skills and aptitude are needed to develop inclusive ecological art practices that can inspire lasting change for you, your place and community.

Dr Nikos Patedakis

US philosopher, mentor, artist and student of horses

For the Essential Ecoliteracy Course, philosopher Dr Nikos Patedakis joins Cathy Fitzgerald to co-host the weekly LIVE online Group Meetings. Nikos also shares his extensive knowledge of the world's wisdom traditions, recent neurological research and advances in compassion practices that can enable us to face these urgent times without despair. See Nikos' website

Veronica Larsson MFA

Artist | Subtle Body Anatomy practitioner

Veronica is an Irish-based Swedish artist and international Subtle Body Anatomy practitioner. Veronica's short body movement videos will accompany each weekly module as a resource to help process the content in each module.

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"I’m passionate about bringing ecoliteracy to the art sector!"

“Creatives, if informed with basic ecoliteracy (ecological knowledge), can ‘translate’ the science relevant to their diverse urban and rural communities and audiences. Informed by ecoliteracy, creatives are well skilled to develop inclusive work to help us all reflect and envision the more beautiful, just and better world we know is possible. And this is an urgent task, given that the pandemic is seen as another symptom of the ecological emergency.”

What people say

about learning with Cathy

“It is easy to recommend Cathy’s own work, and her education. Her knowledge on disparate topics, and her willingness to share this knowledge, are tremendous. Every participant brought something different: writers, artists, philosophers all shared their perspectives as part of the course. Cathy’s way is to connect the people and the ideas. Just as in her own art, where she is growing a forest, in her teaching she draws together the disparate roots, branches, leaves, seeds and flowers, leaving a healthy forest to flourish for itself. I am very grateful.”

Shane Finan - Visual Artist, Ireland

“In these crucial times in history, this innovative and artistic community is of profound importance. I experience the course to provide both scientific knowledge on the current shape and state of things, and creative inspiration, on how artistry can be used as a strong environmental voice. The course presents a very holistic approach to the processing and set of actions one can take, to help reshape the correlation between us and the natural world. So if you ever get the opportunity to participate in one of her courses, workshops or any kind of collaboration, simply soak up her passion and competence, and know, that you will be enriched!”

Katinka Igelberg - photographer, poet, writer, Sweden

“I had the pleasure and honour of participating in Cathy’s first 6-week Online Ecoliteracy course. I felt immersed in a process that was deeply informed and considered with a group that had a wealth of different experiences. I felt the learning environment was clearly held by Cathy’s inclusive, knowledgable and articulate approach alongside her collaborators. As a dance artist, I feel the course gives me clear guidance as to other areas, for example, science and ethics, that can inform how I articulate my work and its value. I now feel that I will be able to take informed action on climate and biodiversity issues in a way that relates to my values and creative practice. Thanks, Cathy!”

Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín - dance artist, Ireland

“Cathy is committed to environmental ideals and combines (unusually) a deep feeling for nature with a skilful ability to navigate contemporary digital platforms. Having viewed Cathy’s presentations on various occasions and in different forums, I have no hesitation in recommending her as an inspired and inspiring instructor. Particularly in these times when everything seems (by necessity) to be going digital, Cathy’s input is extremely important – given that, in the long term, environmental degradation is at least as concerning as the present pandemic, and may be intimately connected to it as a causal factor as well, due to (e.g.) agribusiness, factory farming, animal exploitation and, of course, deforestation. Cathy’s work offers a practical antidote to the threat posed by global warming, species extinction and the myriad other examples of humanity’s depredations on nature. I am delighted to see her work flourishing at this time when it is so greatly needed.”

Dr Paul O'Brien, Visual Culture, PhD Supervisor, NCAD, Ireland

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